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Journal of Biblical Prophecy and Apologetics


Journal Portal is Live for Submission

INVITING all Born Again Believers to submit article(s) for inclusion in a NEW and upcoming journal.


1.  Manuscript submission portal is live.

2.  Manuscript Preparation Guidelines uploaded.

3.  Submission Content Policy Uploaded.

4  Manuscript Template Uploaded (See  Manuscript Preparation Guidelines Tab to download template).



This is the first of it’s kind, in terms of the range of themes, and the fact that it will be made available for free to anybody who wishes to download and read. This is not a profit-making venture; this Believer does not stand to gain financially, or in any other way, whatsoever. This Believer seeks the glory of God. It is becoming increasingly important to produce Holy Spirit inspired, written literature‭ ‬that is engaging‭, ‬informative, professional, nourishes God’s people‭, and as a result, inspires people like you that are reading this, to contribute to this work. This journal ‬is independent from mainstream academic journals, and ‬is not affiliated with any ecumenical group, ‬or false movement.

Purpose and Objectives

The objective and purpose for this journal is to promote Biblical, professional-style writing, and excellence in writing about Biblical topics. This journal is not intended for discussion of basics. Most mature Bible students are already fully conversant with end-time doctrinal basics, and apologetics’ issues. The Christian community is saturated with it. For instance, the rapture of the church, the Second Coming, once saved always saved error, the necessity for Believers to read the Bible every day, blood-moon false prophecies, etc. We continue to be taught the basics by mainstream prophecy buffs in books, media platforms etc., which we are all too familiar with. Let us leave them behind. Let us raise the bar to an advanced prophecy level of teaching, that goes above and beyond the basics; to take understanding of what the truth is, in prophecy to new a level.

Who should Contribute

The second objective of this journal is develop expertise in Biblical analysis. Primary readership include interested and dedicated Born Again students of the Bible. This editor is casting a wide net in order to capture all qualified writers, ranging from existing academically minded Believers to inexperienced writers. Perhaps you are already a writer, or have an existing flair for writing. This Believer wants to hear from you. Alternatively, perhaps you are not skilled in writing; it does not matter. If you can write a basic letter, then you possess the skills necessary to write an article for submission. This journal is intended for the “unknowns" of this world. The purpose is to assist you to expand upon existing skills with constructive teaching, and to provide help where needed, with content layout, and structure. In other words, finding reasons to accept your article submissions, rather than finding excuses to pull down and reject. That is not the right Biblical Christian mindset; that would be pharisaical behaviour. As Believers we are supposed to help each other.

Furthermore, with this journal, this Believer seeks to encourage and develop professional discussion amongst other Born Again Believers. The traditional, liberal theological discussions from present academic scholars are not sought after or encouraged to make contributions to this journal. It is intended however, to reach out to those that are in the "highways and byways”, who are avid Bible students of the word of God. 

Is God opening up the Scriptures to you; enlightening your understanding about end-time events in the Book of Revelation—making connections with Old Testament prophecy?

Do you enjoy studying Biblical issues and want to write about what you found? 

Have you been studying these matters, but have nobody to share them with?

For example, what do you think about the overlap of the 5th Trumpet with the 6th Trumpet? Perhaps write an article?

Have you studied a false doctrinal issues that provides rebuttal, analysis of the problem, and your study corrects the view?

If yes to any of these questions, or similar ones not mentioned here, this Believer would like to hear from you.

God is calling us to seek His face

Write an article on what the Lord God Most High has taught you and submit it. Be assured this Believer will not take credit for your ideas or your work. Earnestly seek His face to unveil what Scripture means. Read Psalm 25, Psalm 27, and Daniel 2:18-22,28-30. God has not sealed up prophecy/the word of God, but in these last days He is opening up an advanced understanding of Scripture. See Daniel 12:4 and Revelation 5:8-9. This is not private interpretation of Scripture (see 1 Peter 1:20), since all can be tested against Scripture, and be verified with Scripture. Seek the Lord in prayer and ask Him what to submit in an article. Ask the Lord God Most High for a vision and insight: (1) how to discuss and unpack your idea for a topic heading of your choosing.; (2) how to explain and tie-in all the Scriptures that pertain to your topic.


Let us not reduce the word of God to become mere comments on media platforms such as Youtube in the comments section, or on Twitter or other chat forums, etc. Let us do the word of God justice and provide everyone with a full and complete study. We will all inherit a blessing because we will be able to learn from what everyone has submitted. Write a full exposé and submit a manuscript for publishing, that analyses the issues, so that we all can learn what God is revealing to us in His word. The end of the world is approaching and we need to understand what the word of God is teaching us.


Template and submission criteria to follow.

Any questions or queries? Please email me at my email address below.

Let’s do this!

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